Field Events Program

Custom event-in-a-box for global field sales


Local in-person events for prospects are powerful. Away from the office, prospects are focused and receptive. They can engage with peers around mutual challenges. As the host and presenter, your sales person is in the role of delivering value, not selling, which deepens the relationship and builds trust with the prospects. In short, in-person events accelerate deals in the pipeline. Event-in-a-box provides the means for each sale person to deliver 3 - 12 consistent, valuable events per quarter to diverse audiences. 

40% of prospects that convert do so as a direct result of meeting in person.
— Oxford Economics Study, "The Return on Investment of U.S. business travel"

THE program

Moreland's Event-in-a-Box contains everything your sales people need to run their own targeted events in their territory. It’s a scalable, customized program that requires with little or no support from field marketing. It makes it easy for your sales people to deliver a consistent, valuable, interactive customer experience. Modular content elements allow the program to be easily tailored by the sales person to suit their prospects at different opportunity stages. The flexible program supports diverse markets, cultures, event formats, and group sizes, enabling world-wide roll-out.

The event

The event is focused on moving the prospect's thinking forward and to supercharge the collaboration between the prospects and the host. Using existing greenfield content, Moreland creates interactive tools that helps prospects zero-in on the value to the business and their process of gaining buy-in. These tools are equally valuable for prospects to use with their teams, peers and executives to accelerate the internal buying process. Facilitated discussion during the event helps prospects help each other to identify strategies for overcoming objections and to build their case. Prospects leave the event ready with a plan to take action when they get back to their office.

Interactive content supercharges collaboration between prospects and your sales person and allows prospects to make faster decisions.

Goals and metrics

Pipeline acceleration programs have a directly measurable impact on revenue. The goal of the Event in a Box program is to accelerate deals, increase conversion rates, and increase deal size. You’ll improve three core deal metrics:

  • Increase deal velocity

  • Increase deal volume

  • Increase deal value

Our measurement methodology leverages your CRM data to track deals through close won or lost and benchmark against a cohort of comparable deals to prove revenue contribution.

Move the needle

Help your sales team accelerates deals in their pipeline with a custom Event-in-a-Box today.


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