About Interim Executive Services

Sourcing the right talent for your team is vital to your company’s success. Hiring the wrong leader can be both an expensive and disruptive mistake.

Moreland’s interim executive service provides you a season executive immediately.  Our seasoned executives have 20+ years of experience and can step into part-time or full-time interim roles of:

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Director Product Marketing

If necessary, we can field an entire team. Our interim executives have experience in everything from venture-funded technology start-ups to large enterprises.

Our forte is parachuting into an assignment, seamlessly becoming a member of the team and making an immediate impact on addressing the needs of the company. As entrepreneurs, we think first about the business and what it needs to achieve to hit the next milestone. Our recommendations and actions are always in support of achieving the company’s success and building market traction

We’re biased to action and believe in quickly getting the game in play; working hand-in-hand with sales; spending shrewdly to produce results; and providing transparency, metrics and persistent value. We work closely with the executive team to identify the ideal permanent candidate for the position and to ensure a seamless transition once the person is hired.

When to use an Interim CxO

Companies elect to use an interim executive in three primary situations:

  1. The company closed funding and has imminent go-to-market needs with lacks a key executive on the team. The company wants to make sure they hire the right person – not the first qualified person they interview.
  2. The company has parted ways with an executive. 
  3. The company has pivoted to a new market segment or business model and needs the right person to build traction in the new segment. 
  4. The company wants or needs to enter a new market and doesn't want to distract the existing leadership from executing current markets. When big market shifts occur such as a global economic downturn or the implosion of a market sector, the need to find a new successful market is imperative.

An interim executive is a great option for quickly bringing in the seasoned management talent you need until you are ready to add to your permanent staff. 

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