Revenue Lifecycle



With the adoption of marketing automation systems such as Marketo and Eloqua, in conjunction with CRM systems, it is now possible to measure and track key buyer actions throughout the buying process. Moreland Associates’ Buyer Cycle Marketing services help companies to leverage this behavior data and to align their marketing activities to the buyer’s decision process. This approach compresses the revenue cycle and helps to close the gap between marketing and sales.

We identify which activities truly matter to win deals so you can invest resources more strategically and forecast more accurately.



  • Compress the buying cycle
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Align marketing and sales
  • Improve marketing ROI
  • Deliver richer engagement with the buyer
  • Get more out of the marketing automation system approach

Defining the Buyer’s Cycle is core to our approach. The Buyer’s Cycle describes the process used by the buyer to make the initial and subsequent purchases. The Buyer Cycle forms the basis for understanding the progression of leads from first contact through final purchase decision. All marketing activities and sales stages are mapped to this Buyer’s Cycle. Opportunities to optimize the buyer’s decision process are identified by mining buyer data in the marketing and sales software systems (e.g., CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, social media, etc.) and tribal knowledge from the sales professionals. The buyer’s activities, key behaviors and time line are benchmarked based on recent sales.

The Buyer’s Cycle is also used to map the current marketing activities to identify missing assets, sales tools and campaigns.

We develop campaigns, programs and assets to accelerate the Buyer’s Cycle. We execute the campaigns and programs including, if necessary, copywriting, content development, marketing automation coding, scoring and reporting.

We involve the sales teams, as well as the marketing team, in the development, refinement, execution and improvement of the framework, campaigns and models. The sales teams are often the only people who talk directly with the buyers and their input and observations are vital to understanding the buyer’s behavior and needs at each stage. We measure the results and share them with the sales and marketing teams. Their observations and experience help us to improve the next round of campaigns and refine the framework.


Getting Started

Our forte is parachuting into an assignment and immediately executing. As entrepreneurs, we think first about the business and what is required to achieve the next milestone. Our recommendations and actions are always in support of achieving the company’s success. 

We’re biased to action and believe in quickly getting the game in play; in working hand-in-hand with sales; in spending shrewdly to produce results; and in providing transparency, metrics and persistent value.